Lecture in Boston

The Bee collective is invited to give a lecture about our projects at the Festooning conference held at the Boston University’s 808 Gallery.

Urban Hex: Honeybees & Community in the Urban Landscape

Saturday // Feb 23, 2013 // 12-5pm

As troubling news of Colony Collapse Disorder sweeps the planet, there is not only a rise in environmental awareness, but an effort to encourage fewer hives in the care of more individuals. In an attempt to restore the potential for biodiversity and refocus beekeeping from a dominant industrial realm, urban beekeeping has taken the spotlight with an array of innovative solutions. Today you’ll hear about the importance of community, urban agricultural spaces, and mentorship in cities stretching from Massachusetts to the Netherlands!


Hailing all the way from the Netherlands is a cooperation of beekeepers and designers searching for new ways to stimulate and enable beekeeping in a contemporary living environment. This collective, hailing from the Netherlands works for a broader understanding of the function and functioning of bees, brings together next generation beekeepers in a network and invites people to become a beekeeper. One of their products, the Sky Hive, enables beekeeping legally in urban, public spaces throughout Europe.

For more information about the program: http://festooning.wordpress.com/events/

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