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The Bee Collective is a cooperation of beekeepers and designers searching for new ways to stimulate and enable beekeeping in a contemporary living environment. The collective works for a broader understanding of the function and functioning of bees, brings together next generation beekeepers in a network and invites people to become beekeepers. Recently Bee Collective expanded it’s focus to also bats.


In May 2018 the first Batpole was places in Maastricht (NL). If buildings in European cities get demolished or renovated there is a big chance that a habitat of bats is disrupted. The Batpole by Bee Collective offers a home for displaced bats and helps to avoid delay in construction projects by offering an alternative accommodation for this protected species. At the same time the Batpole points out the presence of bats in the urban biotope.

Made possible by Design-Day event, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Maastricht University and the City of Maastricht.

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Skyhive Solar

Bees are vital to our existence. They pollinate about 60% of our fruit and vegetables. But honeybees are going through a very rough time. Worldwide entire colonies are disappearing and dying. The reasons are many and science has not been able to pinpoint the problem yet and only recently have universities worldwide started to focus on the bee problem.

One thing is sure: Bees seem to thrive better in an urban surrounding, than in an rural one. Cities with their parks and gardens offer a variety of blooming plants, with little use of pesticides. On the countryside most land is in use for monoculture which requires heavy use of pesticides.

It is important that bees are introduced back into our daily life. As most of us spend our lives today in densely populated areas, here is where they should be introduced. Bees are livestock and a valuable and necessary addition to urban farming.

Our answer to keeping bees in urban areas is the Sky Hive. The Sky Hive is a pole with two beehives on it, which can be lifted up and down. When the hives are down, the beekeepers can take care of the bees. When the bees are back up on the pole, they are safe from vandalism and the public is protected. By placing the Sky hive in a public place, beekeeping is made accessible to all. Everybody interested can attend the meetings, observe the work of the beekeepers or join in and take care of the bees.

The seven meter tall Sky Hive makes beekeeping possible and visible in public urban areas. It is adaptable to suit local regulations on bee keeping. It is powered by an electric motor that works also with solar energy. The Sky hive provides a positive, innovative image for cities, companies or empty lots and is an excellent opportunity for all organisations that are interested to promote a sustainable environment and healthy lifestyle for their communities.

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Bee Collective – The Sky Hive from ben graaf on Vimeo.


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