Today we placed the first Batpole in the Tapijn in Maastricht. The Tapijn is an old army base that is currently being transformed into a park and the buildings are being renovated. Opening is set for mid June.

The Batpole
If buildings in European cities get demolished or renovated there is a big chance that a habitat of bats is disrupted. The Batpole offers a temporary home for displaced bats and helps to avoid delay in construction projects by offering an alternative accommodation for this protected species. At the same time the Batpole points out the presence of bats in the urban biotope.

With thanks to Design-Day event, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Maastricht University and the City of Maastricht.

Vandaag is de 7 meter lange mast voor de Batpole geleverd, en hebben we met de producent de laatste details doorgesproken. In de komende weken wordt de mast geassembleerd en gepoedercoat, en is hij klaar om geplaatst te worden!

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